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We endeavor to be a reliable and trustworthy business partner. We focus on timely discharging of undertaken commitments.

The main priority of the company is to maintain liquidity, therefore each transaction is carefully considered in both ecological and economic terms.

Recipients of glass cullet are vast companies operating in Poland and in Germany.


Artglas Recykling company provides own means of transportation for glass waste collection.

We also cooperate with vast, reliable companies which hold required licenses for waste transportation. This in turn allows us to increase the area of our activity.

Containers for
the collection of glass waste

Where it is necessary, we provide containers for glass waste collection.

Our company offers various types of containers, which are divided by type and capacity. Each container is attuned to our customers’ needs.

of reception

We approach to each customer individually. When placing our containers we are thinking ahead of the further collection.

We adjust capacity of our containers to clients’ needs and requirements. After containers are full we provide reception and exchange on new, empty ones.

High quality

Artglas Recykling company provides the highest quality of glass cullet. This is possible thanks to our market experience, specialized staff and compliance with procedures and quality standards applied in the company.

We pay special attention to storage of glass waste, therefore glass cullet is free from any kind of contamination (such as: metals, stones, porcelain, ceramic etc.)


We provide wide assortment of products. In our offer we have waste glass arisen from float glass and from container glass.

We can distinguish a couple types of float glass: postproduction, hardened , car, laminated, VSG, wired glass etc. It also can be classified into colorful or clear. Container glass due to the color is divided into: clear, brown, green and mixed.

of deliveries

Being on the market from some time we pay special attention to the logistic. Every contract is thought through in terms of material delivery to the customer.

Our vehicles are equipped with GPS navigation thanks to which dispatchers are in regular contact with our drivers. Our drivers’ routs are selected to be safe and economic.

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